Our Quality Policy


Armsan Firearms Industry and Trade Inc. continues its production and sales activities as a subcontractor to world-famous brands and with its own brand based on patented designs and mechanical features whose R&D has been completed. Our products are manufactured on computerized and special-purpose machines and meticulously inspected with state-of-the-art quality control devices. All components of our products are periodically inspected at every stage of production, and finished products are tested and offered for sale according to international firearms standards such as CIP, ANSI/SAAMI standards, and TS 870 standard. Armsan Firearms Industry and Trade Inc., with a sense of responsibility towards its employees, the environment, and society, aims to fully meet customer expectations within the framework of its commitments and to produce quality products by disseminating this consciousness to its suppliers as well. It has set the principle of continuing its investments in order to maintain a production and management approach that is rapid, competitive, and of high competitiveness, which cannot be ignored by competitors, in line with the quality level foreseen by the international market, to gain the trust of its customers and to maintain this trust even after sales, in accordance with the current laws and standards, and to contribute to its country and economy. ,


Armsan Firearms Industry and Trade Inc. has determined its Quality Policy as follows: 

To act with the principle of customer satisfaction in order to achieve suitable price, timely delivery, and the highest level of quality by determining customer requests. To adopt the principle of continuous improvement with planned and applicable training support required by the Quality Management System. To procure products to our customers in the desired quality by using all our resources efficiently. To continue our system according to the international Quality Management System Standard TS EN ISO 9001:2015 as a result of continuous improvement and development efforts in all areas to achieve our quality goals.


Armsan Firearms Industry and Trade Inc., conscious of the features sought in a hunter's rifle, continues its mission to become one of the leading manufacturers in the World Hunting, Shooting, and Defense Industry by developing new product models designed to meet these needs in line with the principles of safety, quality, and continuous improvement.


To achieve growth worldwide by applying the principles of quality, product safety, and continuous improvement, to create new products in the smoothbore and rifled rifle markets, and to rank among the top ten companies in the World Hunting, Shooting, and Defense Industry.